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What our Customers are saying


Working with Travis at Anchored Pools has been a 150% positive experience! This service provider manages the business end of their company along with keeping pools sparkling! They manage scheduling in a professional manner, always provide advanced communication, perform timely/accurate billing, and manage annual service reminders (so you don’t have to remember when the filter needs to be cleaned). We are out-of-state owners with a vacation rental, whose pool standards can’t afford to be less than perfect, since guests are paying for an experience when they come to visit. Travis has handled communications exactly the way we asked so we stay informed about the condition of our pool and property and I am so happy to finally have found a trusted partner to work with for this service! I recommend Anchored Pools a thousand times over!

Mesa, AZ


I have used Anchored Pools weekly pool service since it began as a business entity in 2011/2012. Each week, Travis will visit and balance the pool, adding necessary chemicals and cleaning all areas of the pool, filter and baskets. Any time that he has been unable to make it, usually due to weather issues and taking longer at other pools, he has been quick to communicate this to me and reschedule my service as soon as possible. He ensures every customer of his receives the best service so this has never been an issue. He has also been flexible with rescheduling pool service if the need has arisen on my end. I highly recommend Anchored Pools!

Gilbert, AZ

We are very happy with the service we have received from Anchored Pools.  When we bought our home we had Anchored come and inspect the pool equipment for us. They replaced some old equipment and had our pool up and running in no time. Our pool is always clean and ready to be enjoyed all year long. We highly recommend them!

Dave and Cammie
Mesa, AZ

We have worked with Anchored Pools since we moved to Mesa in January 2013. Having moved from SD we had no knowledge of pools or what they required.  Travis had the patience of a saint!  He answered all our questions, regardless of the stupidity, and gave us good advice, and, refreshingly, not always the “easy/expensive” advice.  He lets us know in good time his holiday schedule, and if service is delayed due to storms etc. he lets us know he will be late, and when he expects to be here. We highly recommend Anchored Pools.

Chris and Barbara
Mesa, AZ

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Why hire a pool care service?

You might be thinking through the pros and cons of hiring a pool service this swimming season. Here are a few reasons why it would be a GOOD idea:


Clean & Safe Water

Water chemically tested and maintained weekly! (Most Important)

Avoid Those Chemicals

Avoid storing potentially dangerous chemicals in your home.

Empty Baskets

Keep your skimmer baskets clean and emptied on a weekly basis.

Keep It All Running

Pool equipment monitored and maintained on a regular basis.

Time & Money

Save time and money by hiring an experienced pool pro.

Sparkling Clean

Keep your pool looking great!


There are many things to know when owning a pool, but the most important by far is chemistry.

If your pool chemicals are not properly maintained, you will not enjoy having a swimming pool. This is not to hard to manage, but takes regular attention and time. Along with chemistry is proper filtration. Make sure your pool filter is clean and working correctly throughout the year. If you can master pool chemistry and filtration, you will have a blue pool to enjoy! S & S Pool Care can help!